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Who, What, Why?

I am passionate about diversifying communities and raising awareness around inclusivity and accessibility through radical conversation and collaborative storytelling.

My work ranges from creating content + creative writing to social media, digital strategy to offline storytelling, helping brands connect with their community.

I make the decision to only work with brands who share my values of sustainable + conscious marketing and creating social impact through accessibility + inclusivity of all humans.


What even is content? Everything you consume as a human engaging with brands: social media, newsletters, web copy. That’s what I create.


Translating online content to an offline community - I work on partnerships, collaborations + events to help connect brands to their people.


Not quite sure if what you’re doing is creating connection? I consult with brands to help strategise their digital media output to explore their ‘why’.


I began my career as a journalist + writer. I tell stories of my own for various publications surrounding travel + music + surf + yoga.

Currently working with:

  • Leika, as Head Of Community for this new sex-tech start up gearing towards launching our app in June 2019, an audio/visual storytelling + educational platform on a mission to transform womxn’s relationship to sex.

  • Mind The Product, co-authoring a book on Creating Humanity in the Digital Space - The Foundations of Product Management

  • Feelosophy, creating content across all channels (social, newsletters, website) and promoting /organising events + workshops internationally.

  • Communion Music, creating content for their weekly newsletter.

  • Girlvana Yoga, creating content across all channels (social, newsletters, website).

  • Sea Buck Tonic, creating copy and content across all channels, (social, newsletters, website).

Past work:
Lululemon, Finisterre, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Soul + Surf, The Inertia, Millican, Burberry Music, Campovida, Satta, Royal Court Theatre (Unheard Voices, 2012)


About Me

Here’s the funny thing about words. They exist within you before you even know them. They are as alive and innate as the blood running through your veins. So how we use them is totally, entirely, wholly: vital.

I am a writer who lives in the spaces in between. I have had love affairs with cities and coastlines, with the jungle and the countryside; but I couldn’t choose one, so now I live in them all.

I teach yoga. I am passionate about empowering (young) womxn and creating safe space for people to feel in their own bodies. I use movement + breath as a platform to bring these ideas together.

I surf. I travel a lot. I create strong connections with new communities wherever I go. I am constantly connecting and collaborating and finding ways to bring people together.

I covet analogue as much as I do digital. I thrive on learning. I try to lead a sustainable life as much as I can. I love to cook, I live to eat, I am made to host. Life is better with good humans (and good dogs) around you.

I write essays, I write short stories, I write dialogue, I write poetry, I write manifestos, I write articles. I write what I see, what I know, what I wish to see and what I’ll never know.

I used to dream of being Kerouac. Now I dream of being me.

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A person is a person because of people
— African proverb

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